Complete this form for information about enrolling in the ELC-WOW Preschool program located at SWL Early Learning Center

SWL Early Learning & Wow Preschool Wrap-Around Program

World of Wonderment Child Development Programs 

Program Purpose:

World of Wonderment has partnered with SWL schools to provide a program for families who are enrolled in the Early Learning Center. We understand the needs of working families and want to come together to provide continuity of care for your children for the entire day. We want to give working families the option of child care at the same location as their preschool program. Early experiences are the key to unlocking the brain's potential. Children who feel secure will develop the confidence they need to try new things, take risks, and explore their environment which will lead to developing emotionally and cognitively.  WOW teachers work with individual children to assess their ongoing development, determine individualized learning plans and tailor activities for a variety of learning experiences. IF your child has an IEP we will build upon it and set goals to strengthen your child’s educational experiences.

Participant Eligibility:
Must be enrolled in the Southwest Licking Early Learning Center Program
Must be 3-5 years of age
Parents are responsible for weekly tuition regardless of attendance

6am-6pm  Mon-Fri during school days in only (your child will spend 2.5 hrs a day in a  classroom)
A morning and afternoon snack will be provided. Participants will bring a healthy lunch (cold items only)
High Scope Curriculum will be used to guide your child’s learning experiences